Italian Privacy / Data Protection Law

The purpose of D.lgs. (law) no. 196 dated 30.06.2003 is to ensure that all personal data is handled in a manner that respects an individual’s rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity, with particular regard to confidentiality and personal identity.

In accordance with the intent and effect of D.lgs. no. 196/2003 be advised that:

  • The personal data of those using this site is collected and utilised in full respect of the procedures set out in the prevailing law regarding the protection of personal data. Data can only be used for purposes set out before users submit any information and only if, as foreseen by law, they have given express authorisation for its use.
  • Specific safety measures are taken to ensure against the loss, illicit or incorrect use of data or unauthorised access to it.
  • With regard to the treatment of all data collected, any interested party can exercise his/her rights as set out in articles 7,8,9 & 10 of Law no. 196/2003 specifically, the registered company or such persons responsible for the handling of personal data must confirm or deny the existence of any personal information held on an individual when asked to do so by that individual and must then supply details of the information held in an understandable format. The individual has the right to know the source of the data held as well as the reasons and purposes for which the data has been collected. He can demand that information held is deleted if it is used illegally and that it must be updated or amended and that additional data must be incorporated. An individual can, if there is a legal basis to do so, also oppose the use of any information at all.
  • The registered company responsible for the handling of all personal data submitted in this instance is: Zètema Progetto Cultura s.r.l., whose registered head office is located at: via Attilio Benigni, 59, 00156 Rome. e-mail
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